ATP Qadenosiue tgphghatel, studies on neutrophils
ATP is hydrolysed to ADP and phosphate as the major energy source in muscle and other tissues. lt is regenerated by
oxidative phosphorylation of ADP in the mitochondria. When aerobic metabolism provides insuficient energy, extra
ATP is generated during the anaerobic breakdown of glucose to lactic acid. ATP reactions require magnesium. ADP to
ATP conversion can be blocked by em/ironmullal contaminants as can the translocator ['l"L] in the mitochondrial
membrane. [TLI efftciericy is also sensitive to pH and other metabolic-factor changes. [TL] defects may demand
excessive ADP to AMP conversion (not re-converted to ADP or through to A1'P). Defects in Mg-ATP, ADP - ATP
conversion and enzyme or [TL] blocking can all result in ehrolle fatigue - a factor ln any disease where
biochemical energy availability ts reduced.
ATP whole cells:
With excess Mg added 1,89 nmol/ l0° cells 1.6 - 2.9
(Standard method of measuring ATP)
Endogenous Mg only 1.27 nmol/10° oeus 0.9 - 2.7
(Meastred ATP result is lowered during intracellular magnesium deficiency)
Ratio ATP/A1'P““ 0.67 ...... ................... > 0.65
ADP to ATP conversion @cien (whole cells):
A (from above) 1,89 nmol/l0° cells (lr) 1.6 - 2.9
ATP” (inhibitor present) 0,13 nmol/10° cells (2*) < 03
ATPM' (inhibitor removed) 1.37 nmol/l0°cells (3*) >1.4
Am' to ATP ornaoooy [(3*- 2*)/(l*- 2~)} x loo = 70.5 % > so
Blocking of active sites (2*/l*) x l00 = 6.9 % up to 14
ADP-ATP TRANSLOCATQR [TL] (mitochondria, not whole cells):
ATP Ref. range chgge % ret range
(pmol/IB* cells)
Start 396 290 - 700
[TL] ‘out’ 572 410 - 950 44,4 over 35% (Increase)
(in-vitro test) reflects ATP supply for cytoplasm
[TL] ‘in’ 187 140 - 330 523 55 to 75% (Decrease)
(in-vitro test) rctlects nonnal use of ATP on energy demand
Normal whole-cell ATP ATP-related Mg seems to be normal.
No significant blocking of active sites. ADT-ATP is nonnal but slightly slow.
Nomial mitochondrial function.
Excellent progress.

The table above includes all adducts fond. The following is a list of common adducts
(Included In the above table If found In this sample).
Clemleal or grelpc Aminee-gmenl. Diemino compounds, Diem compounds, Nltrosaminea.

compounds, Vinyl halide, Acrylemlde, Melonmdhldehyde,
Other eldehydee, Anwoxln/mimoxlns, Lindane (& other Bl-ICs), Tcxsphme, Od: ocgmochlorlne
compounds, Other argmophoeplumes, metabolites, Phlhelnee,
proteins, ovme peptides.
Metals: Aluminium, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Coppe, Lead, Manganese,
Mecury, Nickel, Platinum, Rhodium, Silver, Strontium, ThaIlium, Tin, Titanium.



Omschrijving Normaalwaarde
pl-I - s.a
Consistentie Vast
Kleur Bruin
Zetmeelvezels Geen
Kolonievormende eenheden per gram ontlasting
Enterobacteriaceae spp.
Enterococcus spp.
Lactobacillus spp.
Bifidobacterlum spp.
Gisten Geen
Schimmels Geen
Immunologische infectie- en ontstekingsmarkers
secretoír IgA
soo -  H9/ml
1gA Antigliadine
IgA anti-t-Transglutaminase <=  U/I
TNF  P9/ml
Calprotectlne  mg/kg
Giardia lamblia Negatief
Cryptosporldlum spp. Negatief
Uitslag aangegeven met * duidt op een afwijkende waarde.