Voorbeeld advies Teitelbaum program:


  • 1.  N/A
  • 2.  Probable Contributing or Associated Factors

    Rule out Testosterone Deficiency
    Suboptimal Adrenal Function
    Suspected Hypothyroidism-(Commonly even seen with "normal" labs)
    Suspected Sleep Apnea
    Essential Fatty acid deficiency

  • 3.  Suspected Contributing or Associated Factors

    Possible NMH (Neurally Mediated Hypotension)
    Rule out UARS (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome)
    Low DHEA
    Rule out bowel infections(Parasites, Clostridium Difficile, &/or Bacterial[SIBO])
    Suboptimal B12 level(B12=190)

  • Other Diagnosis/Information

    Spastic Colon or Irritable Bowel Syndrome(1993)



Patient should continue any current prescriptions unless their physician advises them otherwise. Also continue any supplements taken previously that clearly help. Do not add in any treatments that you are allergic to or that have caused problematic side effects in the past. The number before each treatment refers you to where on the treatment protocol to find it (and detailed instructions). The more * before a treatment, the higher its priority.

  • A.  Non-Prescription therapies (therapies not for CFIDS/FMS may not be on treatment checklist) . In order of priority. The number refers to where you can find it on the treatment protocol following.

    1. *** Energy Revitalization System vitamin powder
    12A. *** D -Ribose(Corvalen)
    5. ** NAC (N-Acetyl - L - Cysteine)
    10. ** Acetyl-L-Carnitine
    38. *** Adrenal Stress End - From Enzymatic Therapies
    144. Sleep apnea study
    7. * Eskimo 3 or Nordic Naturals Fish Oil
    41. ** Increase your salt and water intake a lot
    40. ** DHEA

  • B.  Prescription therapies

    4.*** Vitamin B-1248. * Testosterone (Rx)
    37. *** Cortef (Rx)
    34. *** Armour Thyroid (Rx)
    92. ** Dexedrine (Rx) - (dextroamphetamine) for NMH

  • C.  Other recommendations & notes/notices

    Spastic colon often goes away when yeast and/or parasites are treated

    144. Sleep apnea study

    Possible NMH (Neurally Mediated Hypotension)

    Recommend Stool testing (FOR INFECTIONS AND PARASITES ONLY) at Genova Labs